An accomplished Linguist.

  • Chartered Linguist (CL) and Fellow (FCIL) (Chartered Institute of Linguists, CIOL, London)
  • Sworn translator (Tribunale di Salerno)
  • Strong academic background: DottLingLett (Foreign Languages & Literatures); MA (Modernism); MAbyR (Linguistics)
  • Well developed background of working in high profile international organisations such as the UNITED NATIONS (UNU-ONY; MONUSCO) and the European Parliament (Luxembourg) and non-profit organisations focusing on development issues, human rights and fair trade (NEAD UK)
  • 20 years working experience as Translator/Interpreter in different areas, over 7 yrs with the UN: over 10000 pages published in UN documents
  • Jiamcatt: one of the speakers at 2012, European Union, Luxembourg